What is “Mold Remediation Protocol?”

A Remediation Protocol outlines the needed actions for any necessary mold remediation. Each plan is individually prepared based on the Indoor Environmental Consultants Mold Assessment of the property the size and area of the mold contamination.

A properly prepared Mold Remediation Protocol should be written according to the ANSI Aproved IICRC S-520 standard and reference guide for the remediation of mold damaged structures and contents.

The Remediation Protocol will specify the remediation containment strategy, decontamination areas, negative air pressure and air filtration(scrubbing), equipment utilization, personnel protective equipment, specific cleaning protocols, project completion requirements, site-specific safety plan and clearance testing that will confirm the post remediation goals have been met.

•John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
•Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
•Microshield Environmental Services, LLC
www.Microshield-ES.com www.CFL-IAQ.com

2 Responses to What is “Mold Remediation Protocol?”

  1. This did a nice job of clarifying an often asked question; how do you remove and remediate mold and who dictates the protocol. Nice work!

  2. Very simple, straight forward explanation. Important for consumers in that a restoration company straying from the IICRC mold remediation protocols and standards may not be the best company for the work. Well done

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