Is there really a “Free Mold Inspection?”

Is there really a “Free Mold Inspection?”

Usually not! This maybe a Mold Remediation Company looking to find more mold remediation business.

The word “FREE” – As most of us have learned in this life, little or nothing is FREE. Many mold remediators offer “free” mold inspections. Think about it…unless they are providing a charity, or a giveaway, they would not be in business long if they truly did free inspections. 100% of the time they will find a mold problem, whether one exists or not, and many times the unknowing individual will go along with whatever they are told out of fear and lack of knowledge.

The legitimate and knowledgeable Florida State Licensed and Insured Mold Inspectors will conduct a client interview asking a number of questions on your first call to them to qualify the situation. Many, many times we have taken calls from those who think they have a mold problem but we determined on the phone that they do not.

•John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
•Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
•Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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