What makes mold grow?

Mold only needs a few things to grow and multiply:

•Nutrients (food)
•A suitable place to grow

Many building materials (such as wood, sheetrock, etc.) provide food that can support mold growth. Even dust that has settled on these materials or furniture can be a food source for molds. Molds can grow almost anywhere there is enough moisture or high humidity. Controlling moisture is the key to stopping indoor mold growth, because all molds require water to grow. Moisture can come from:

•Flooding from the outside (storm water, overflowing lakes, streams, storm surge, etc.)
•Flooding from the indoor (overflow from sinks, tubs, toilets, air conditioner drain pans or sewerage systems)
•Condensation (caused by indoor humidity that is too high or surfaces that are too cold)
•Water leaks from outside the building (roof, walls, floors)
•Indoor plumbing leaks or broken water pipes
•Outdoor sprinkler spray hitting the walls, or indoor fire sprinklers
•Poor venting of kitchen and bathroom moisture (steam from shower or cooking)
•Humidifier use
•Drying wet clothes indoors, or not venting clothes dryers outdoors (including electric dryers)
•House plants (over watering, etc.)
•Moisture from our bodies (sweat, wet hair on pillows, breath)
•Warm, moist air from outdoors
•Liquid spills

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