Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) Credential

Recognizing the important connection between housing and health, the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) created the Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) Credential for health and housing professionals in the public, private and non-profit sectors. Persons with the HHS Credential have shown that they understand the connection between health and housing, and take a holistic approach to identifying and resolving problems that threaten the health and well being of residents.

The HHS Credential was developed in partnership with the National Center for Healthy Housing (NCHH) and the National Healthy Homes Training Center and Network (“Training Center”).

The NCHH and the Training Center offer the Essentials of Healthy Homes course, followed by an exam, and award the HHS Credential to those who pass.

The following is adapted from NEHA’s HHS Credential Page:

Is this credential right for you?

Healthy Homes Specialist (HSS) Credential – Eligibility

To be eligible to obtain the Healthy Homes Specialist Credential, you must complete the Application for Healthy Homes Specialist (HSS) Credential and meet the following criteria:

•Be at least 21 years old;
•Have five years of experience in housing, environmental health or public health;
•Achieve a score of 70% on the qualifying examination; and
•Successfully complete an on-line assessment exercise.

If you are a professional in one of the groups below, you may be interested in attaining the Healthy Homes Specialist (HHS) Credential:

1) Individuals certified or licensed as lead risk assessors, radon measurement professionals, or mold professionals—These individuals have developed expertise in a specific environmental hazard in the home and are interested in expanding their capabilities and services.

2) NEHA Registered Environmental Health Specialists seeking to demonstrate their experience and expertise in housing.

3) Public health nurses seeking to expand and document their expertise related to healthy homes.

4) Health department and housing agency staff seeking to establish their expertise in healthy homes or better position their agencies to receive U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Healthy Homes grants.

5) Licensed pest management professionals seeking to expand their services—Resolving pest problems using Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques relies on a knowledge base similar that of the Healthy Homes Practitioner.

6) Certified home inspectors seeking to expand their business by adding healthy homes criteria to their standard services.

7) Home performance specialists

8) Home energy raters

9) Weatherization professionals

10) Remodeling and rehab professionals

For more information visit NEHA’s HHS Credential page.

• John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
• Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
• Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

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