Helpful Hints to Expedite Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Florida Hurricane Microshield Storm Damage Inspections IAQWhen Filing Insurance Claims:

When filing your claim, complete a precisely detailed estimate of what is required to repair or rebuild your property. Assist in the preparation of inventories for damaged personal property, contents, and related items. With your help in providing correct documentation, and determining ages, descriptions and determine the approximate current values.

Have your losses or additional living expenses ready to submit in your claim. Establish a professional line of communications with the insurance adjuster and present estimates, inventories, and other valuations to the insurance adjuster.

A Public Adjuster can meet with your insurance company to adjust your claim fairly and equitably, thus resulting in an acceptable settlement to you.

You will need a very well written report detailing all Hurricane and Storm related damages with photos.

John P. Lapotaire, CIEC
•  Certified Indoor Environmental Consultant
•  Microshield Environmental Services, LLC

One Response to Helpful Hints to Expedite Storm Damage Insurance Claims

  1. Marybeth Mainelli says:

    Excellent information John, for homeowners and commercial property owners alike. Prompt and accurate reporting of any storm damage will also help resolve claims favorably for the insured.

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